Do you understand about the top way for revenda de lingerie atacado?

Although the pieces are hidden most of the time during usage, moda intima can be as desirable as other clothing in women’s clothing, because this segment of market constantly follows the main fashion trends – and the more upgraded the goods, the more rewarding and hectic the firm becomes.

The ordinary monthly spending of the clients ends in makes of R $ 150 – between bits like panties, pajamas and bras. The Brazilian woman makes a point of spending her money on quality intimate pieces – and this leaves the market grow everywhere, from shops in the market to guide seller’s door to door. In addition, town which sells the most lingeries in Brazil is named Juruaia, also is at the state of Minas Gerais.

The lingeries are far more than only a bit at the right time of attraction. This financial sector in Brazil is at a expanding like never: despite the crisis in Brazil, the Brazilian market handled around R $ 3,600,000,000.00 (billion) in the year 2012. The state has about 3,500,000 Industry-size generation and the creation of underwear attained the stage of 1.5 billion pieces in 2012. In addition, the purchasing power of Brazilian girls has grown greatly over recent years and she has found the Significance of maintaining self-esteem and being good with herself: today’s girls go out to work well dressed, are convinced, Strong and they know what they want for their own long run, while the brands fit to fit with all personalities.

With 10 years of experience, Intima Passion specializes in lingerie, loungewear and beach wear, stakes on the classic, exclusivity and relaxation in the manufacture of its pieces, providing what’s very best to get a woman today. Situated in Juruaia, the aforesaid lingerie capital, the fábrica de lingerie divides its vast portfolio of items to five distinct lines, from basic to extremely lavish, as well as beachwears and homewears accessories. Generally starting four collections per year, constantly supported by the creative team involved in the greatest tendencies of behaviour and style, Intima Passion is prominent inside the fastest growing industry sector in Brazil: o p revender moda íntima no atacado.